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To live in Sol de Rojales is to live in a land full of contrasts. On one side there are more than 218km/135 miles of coastline, whit hundreds of beaches and coves, 48 of which have been awarded the blue flag by the EU which certifies the quality of the water and beach services. On the other side, you will be surprised to discover one of the most mountainous provinces in the whole Spain.

The beaches of the Costa Blanca are among the best in the Mediterranean, where the quality and services of its coastline make it one of the most emblematic coasts of Europe.

One of the most representatives is the beaches of Guardamar de Segura just 6 km from the promotion. The image of its beaches is determined by an extensive park coastline of over 800 hectares of dunes covered with pines, eucalyptus and palm trees along its 11 km. of fine sandy beaches

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The sea has always had a leading role among the inhabitants of the Costa Blanca. Its more than 200 km. of coastline dotted with cliffs, beaches and coves, and its good climate, which allows practicing water sports practically all year around, it represent a very important attraction for lovers of the sea.

There is an offer of more than 20 marinas and spot docs, 9,000 moorings and three Marine Resorts, along with a comprehensive range of services and infrastructure that make the Costa Blanca one of the most complete for navigation. The supply of water sports, among them sailing and diving, is one of the most attractive and sued the Spanish Mediterranean.