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Choose a life surrounded by exclusiveness and design, where the practical and beautiful come together to provide you with a place intended for the life you deserve.

You are just a stone’s throw away from living in a unique place. A property which shows the harmonious integration of diverse creative concepts has given way to an exceptional space, able to harmonise living with aesthetics, as well as practicality. Our group of architects have produced a project of excellence through the combination of the best quality materials and high quality craftsmanship, whilst fully respecting the environment, for example our conscientious installation of high quality solar panels to provide hot water.

A dynamic conception in which we have introduced the latest trends in interior and architectural design with the aim of bringing in important factors such as light, space, liveability and the integration of the external setting within that of the property itself.

“The origin of this project will be to start with a blank canvas much like the image of the beginning of life. Then to reflect the ageing experience through the use of textured surfaces, made of naturally aged slate, meant as a symbol of the passing of time. The idea will be to take this blank canvas and mould it, kind of a symbol of our soul’s tireless will to achieve our desires. Considering this blank canvass to be the soul of our property the diffraction and contrasting of natural light is what represents the soul’s constant yearning and is also what connects both the external and internal settings of the property.”

José A. Ruiz Architect

The will behind this project responds to a global demand for the integration of the outside access areas of each property into the structure of this blank canvas. The final result is the fruit of carrying out the following aspects.

  • Moulding the blank canvas with the hope of letting the day’s sunlight into the area, whilst protecting from too much heat, but at the same time using an energy efficient approach.
  • Separating the properties with a path to create the appearance of an outdoor open air space.
  • The creation of the garden areas, as a result of the property’s positioning within the plots and of the organisation of the external access routes.
  • The availability of usable terraces on the different floors, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine throughout the day.
  • The different floors were designed so that all the wet rooms (bathrooms and kitchens, for example,) are grouped together to be predominantly northerly and westerly facing.