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The enjoyment of silence, of peacefulness, something can only be produces by contact with nature, is an asset that Rojales look after carefully.

Its landscape is characterized by a smooth coastline, along with mountains that reach up to 1,500 meters high, a short distance from the coast, being the second most mountainous province of Spain. It shows his greatness throughout the Mediterranean landscape: from the valleys who keep their crops staggered, Moorish home, the horizon filled with mountains covered by holm oaks, pines and scented by a wide variety of herbs. To the south of the province, the mountains disappear and soften, emerging fields of palms, orchards and mark the horizon.

There are many different interesting routes around the town that can be done by bike, on horseback or even by foot. Where you can enjoy with the Mediterranean in the back ground, or even loose yourself in the fresh pine forests home to many wonderful birds.

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Every minute that passes us by is never coming back,
so why then do we waste so many hours?

Living life to the full in Sol de Rojales means you´ll never waste a day again. Rojales is a place that specializes in entertainment and leisure. Its popular fiestas, historic monuments and its places of interest are what make Rojales the ideal place to spend your free time.

As well as golf, beaches and the sea we also have to mention the countless amounts of activities and sporting facilities around, not forgetting the very enviable setting of course.